Amigos Charity

At SaleBoards we are hugely committed to our charity partner, Amigos. Every time we sell a property we make a donation to support Amigos in their work with some of the most poor and marginalised people in Uganda.

One of the key programmes we’ve been involved with is Kira Farm Development Centre. Kira Farm was set up in 2010 and exists to equip vulnerable and disadvantaged young people with vocational skills such as carpentry, tailoring, construction and hairdressing. During their one year stay at Kira, the young people also learn innovative and creative conservation farming techniques and acquire holistic life skills such as conflict resolution, health and hygiene.

In January each year the gates are flung open to welcome the next set of 40 trainees – all of whom have been selected as potential change makers in their communities. The impact is immense, for every student trained, at least 12 people in the community will benefit from their new skills and knowledge. This equates to nearly 500 lives being impacted each year.

How? With the means to generate an income, Kira graduates can help pay for siblings’ school fees so they are able to continue with education, and with improved farming skills they can provide much needed food and nutrition in their households.

“Having been to Uganda and seen the life changing projects which Amigos are currently committed to, I was completely overwhelmed by the difference a few pounds can make to the projects. To stand on Kira Farm before the first students commenced their training, was a privilege and inspiration. To see how Amigos have changed lives is amazing. The small proportion of our income which we send over to Uganda really does make a difference helping to transform the lives of many of those less privileged than ourselves”

(Laura Newall – SaleBoards Director)

For more information on the amazing work of Amigos, please visit their website:

Amigos International